Every developer wants profitable sites to fall into their laps… the holy grail!!! These great sites usually appear unexpectedly and out of nowhere.

We are a project marketing company first and foremost but how can we help you find sites?

Good question.

Most of the team at 1VPM began a career in residential real estate. Over the years we have developed extensive networks and made great friends with professionals within residential real estate, developer finance, accountancy and financial planning, town planning, local councils, government and legal services all around Australia.
We are often the first to receive a phone call from our networks if a development site becomes available.

As we have close relationships with town planners we will often ask them to look over an identified development site to gain a better understanding of its best possible use. We run some basic numbers to see if the site looks viable, and, if it does, we inform developers about the site, hand over our research and let them complete their own due diligence. If the site identifies itself as profitable, we will facilitate the transaction. Most of our development site transactions are done OFF MARKET with developers we know and trust.

To be able to help you efficiently, it is very important we get a clear understanding of what you are looking for. Once we have clarity on what you want to achieve in your business, we can deliver the development sites straight into your lap…just when you least expect it!

To be able to access our off market development sites, complete the below form and we will be in touch shortly.